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Tenaya Creek Tour


Beer Diary,

A while back I did a beer review on Tenaya Creek Brewery, which led me to an interview with their GM Karl, which led to an open invite to check out the brewery whenever I was in Vegas. Well a few weeks back I was in Vegas so I took them up on the invite. They started up in 1999 and started bottling in 2008, they are a great bunch of guys. I did a post on them in November so you can read about them and some of their beers in more detail here or on their website

Karl was out sick that day 😦 , but he gave Anthony the brew master a heads up so he showed me around and we had a nice chat. We talked about the state of the Reno and Las Vegas craft beer scene, the fall of Buckbean, off flavor trouble shooting, a number of breweries, Tenaya Creeks Barleywine and a bunch of other beer geek topics. Anthony could not have been a nicer guy, he showed me all around, sampled beers with me and sent me home with their barleywine, hell ya! Side note Tenaya Creek is back in Northern Nevada, I saw them at Aloha in Carson this weekend and I am sure they are in most Ben’s liquors and Total Wines in the Reno/Carson area, check them out!

Old Jackalope Barleywine

It was funny because in my MGT 480 class the week before I had got in a debate with my teacher about how I don’t feel like I need to “kill my competition” when I own a brewery. My point was the reason why I picked the industry was because of the people and community involved in it. I like the fact that my fellow brewers are willing to sit down with an aspiring brewery owner to offer advice and war stories for the journey. I plan on doing the same when I am in a similar position.

I headed home for the long drive back to home with a restored focus and energy towards the goal of starting a brewery. Which led me to this post, it was the clear choice for my first post back from my hiatus from the blog. I finish college in a few weeks and for the first time the path towards the goal is not decided. Before it was always working towards finishing school, now I am seeking the other opportunities (jobs, contacts etc.) that will better prepare me for opening my own brewery, I can not enroll in hands on experience 101 thus the path is less clear, it is exciting and scary at the same time.  So I have decided to add a topic that my blog will cover, the journey towards the brewery, journalizing my search for a job in the industry and the stories along the way.