Better Late than Never Nevada Day Porter Brew Day


Last Nevada day I was part of an epic brew of a beer we dubbed Nevada Day Porter. This year we wanted to brew it again but Andy my friend and world’s best  graphic designer couldn’t make it up for this year’s brew on Nevada day. It just didn’t feel right brewing it without him so we waited till Thanksgiving weekend to brew it so he could be here.


Chocolate Malt Weighed and Ready

The beer is a porter with a heavy hop aroma, is well balance between the sweetness of the malt and bitterness of the hops and dark grains. We use the nice clean American Ale yeast from Wyeast. The idea is to brew it with ingredients only from Nevada. Maybe one day juniper, mountain sage, and pine nuts. For now the spirit of this brew is the environment it is brewed in is one of drunken, lovingly talking shit to one another, reminiscing about past times where we got drunk and lovingly talked shit to each other, and talk about our future plans to conquer the beer world. This beer represents everything I love about brewing, enhancing beers with non-traditional ingredients, community of brewing brings, drinking great beer, having fun with friends and family, and developing a new beer.

The system


We also got to crack open the two remaining bottles of the original Nevada Day Porter that were aged for over a year. The beer had defiantly changed over the time it lost most of its aroma which was expected. But it matured very well it was like a bourbon barrel aged beer without the harsh whiskey flavor, it was smooth to drink, it still came through with its dark malt soul. It was interesting to see how it aged, usually our beer gets drank up in a matter of weeks or even days. It makes me eager to try develop a  beer meant for aging.

The Cracking

The cheers and drinking

I can’t help but to think/hope this is genesis of our future brewery. Building traditions early and starting so cliche in our garage. We are scared enough of normal jobs, crazy enough to think it will work, think we are creative enough to stand out,  have a plan and vision the only thing left is to continue execute it. Going for the gusto. Thanks for the photos Andy!

Jeff my Brother Cleaning up


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