Happy Day


Beer Diary,

Every year for 10 years now there is a special event called Happy Day. It is to the pub crawl to drinkers like Ironman is to a triathlon  athlete. A 12 hour test of your will, liver and common sense. It also usually leads to someone losing muscle control. I meant to write a post while under the effects of Happy Day but I forgot… Oops. The semester is almost over anyway sooo pretty soon I can write posts in the amount and time of my choosing.

ANYWAY back to Happy Day highlights. This marked the third year of my brother and I making Happy Day beer. We went bold this year and made an IPA. So for the first time I will review my own beer.

Hoppy Day IPA has the aroma of sweet citrus flowers on the breasts of a beautiful naked women. It hits your taste buds like the fists of UFC heavyweight champ Junior Dos Sontatos and the 7.3% alcohol warms your belly like a fire side chat with FDR. The hop flavor lingers on your tongue like the super drunk dude at the party who won’t leave and you totally just want to pass out but you think he will steal your Ipod. Yeah that is the one thing I didn’t like about it but hey that is the price you pay for hardcore IPA’s. Overall we learned some things with this brew and we will hit the drawing board for some tweaks to the recipe.

The rest of Happy Day was a blast, tons of laughs, good memories with friends and stories to talk about the next year. Happy Day can eat your alive if you aren’t careful but if you pace yourself and maintain your wits you’ll have a great time as I did. Cheers and I will see you all next year.


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