Beer Review: Hop Trip


Beer Diary,

I got to try Hop Trip tonight! They got it on tap at Sassafras, I got all excited and was like “SWEET they have Hop Trip I have been meaning to try that shit!” To which I got some disapproving stares.  But hey what can I say I love beer. Also had the chicken fried burger at Sassafras soooooo good, don’t know what I mean think chicken fried steak but with a burger.

Hop Trip is a fresh hop ale done by Deschutes Brewery. It is a seasonal release. 5.4% and 39 IBUs. I got a nose full of grapefruit and nice spice notes in the taste. I really liked this beer lots of hop flavor but not overly bitter. Beer Advocate rating, beware half are from the past release in 2008. I recommend it to people looking to ease their way into pale ales or IPAs.

Check out the webpage for Hop Trip. It gives pairings, links to Deschutes Blog and cool to see! it gives a link to a clone recipe for Hop Trip for you home brewers.


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