Beer Diary,

I have seen heaven and its roads are  paved in aluminum. Last weekend I attended CANFEST put on be BuckBean and tried a beer from every brewery participating in the event.  Well… every microbrewery.  It was insanely fun filled with mini bikes running around, tons of beer lovers, music and food.

I was on the hunt for the sleeper brewery waiting for someone to surprise me. I was having some solid beers but I was having some so so ones and I got to admit there were few with major flaws in their brews. But I was looking for someone to impress me and it came in the form of a brewery I have never heard of. They didn’t even have a sign and they were stuck in the corner.

Crow Peak Brewery  impressed me with their porter, nice full flavor, rich coffee tones, creamy going down. It was tasty for sure.  I think it stood out because it went down so easy and most everyone had their IPA’s in full swing. Which I love don’t get me wrong but I tried a lot of IPA’s that night and they all start to meld together.

21st Amendment did a special tasting of their Watermelon Wheat and it kind of disappointed me. Mostly it tasted like watermelon jolly ranchers. But the rest of their beers were excellent as usual.

It was my first CANFEST and it was good times, I was with a buddy and we tried 30 breweries 2 beers a brewery so I tried around 60 beers.  I bought 5 dollars in raffle tickets and won a nights stay at the Peppermill so that was rad. I am going to use it for Happy Day next Friday!  I hope to see you there.


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