Best Snacks with Beers


Last weekend this chick from on of my class groups texted me “I think your next blog post should be Best Snacks with Beer I need to know these imperative things in life.” Since I am lazy and thinking of post ideas is rough I was like “Hell ya, I will write that.”  I will cover  appetizers, more mealish and dessert.

For appetizers you can go basic pretzels or fancy pub mix which I would pair with a nice light lager like Session.  If you wanted to get a little more crazy I would try a mango salsa paired with a nice IPA. The citrus in the mango salsa will bring out the citrus tones in the IPA.  Some good IPA’s are: Racer 5, Yellow Snow, Lagunitas IPA

Next I would recommend lil smokies covered in BBQ sauce or some nice hot wings. The lil smokies will go nice  with a malty brown ale. The a brown ale will complement the sweetness of the BBQ sauce with its mild flavor.  For the hot wings I would say another IPA because the you’ll be able to have both the spicy and hoppy flavors come through.  After this though your taste buds will most likely be destroyed from the hops and spice so make sure you let your palate recover before dessert.  Browns: Moose Drool , Calico Brown , Hazelnut Brown Nectar

Only one dessert will be needed because it involves bacon and really no other dessert could hang. It is cupcakes made by the Sweet and Stout blog that uses Smoked Porter by Alaskan brewing.  The cupcakes have maple flavored frosting that is topped with bacon bits. YUM. I will make these soon. Pair with the Smoked Porter or a nice bourbon stout not really sure how the the bourbon stout will go with it but it sounds tasty me for some reason. Oaked, Bourbon: Oaked Arrogant Bastard, Black Butte XX/XXI, Black Tuesday  Oaked Arrogant Bastard should be easy to get, Black Butte when it is out you should be able to find, but don’t be afraid to try something else and especially something local to you! Check out Sweet and Stout’s blog for more tasty treats.

So here you go Whitney Best Snacks with Beer just for you.


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