Tenaya Creek


Beer Diary,

37-0 was the score of this years UNR/UNLV game. Which was our 7th straight victory over the Rebels. Just wanted to mention that because I am reviewing a brewery out of Vegas and lets face it they may suck at football but they got some things right UFC is based their, Zappos is too, the Hoover Dam is pretty handy so I figured I should see what their beer is all about. I still want them to know North Nevada is boss before I give them some love so again 37-0.

Tenaya Creek started as a brewery restaurant and in the 2008 the company decided you know what? We love making beer not running a restaurant and shut down restaurant operations. Now you can find their beer in Utah, Ohio, Vancouver British Columbia, and of course across Nevada. Selling their beer in Canada made them the first brewery to export out of Nevada.

I found their beer at Total Wine in Reno who happens to have a pretty bad ass selection of craft beer and good customer service. I grabbed Tenaya Creek’s Hop Ride and Calico Brown which are some of their staple beers available year round.

I am a hophead so I was stoked to try the Hop Ride reading the label my eyebrows kept going higher and higher 7.2% alc/val, magnum hops one of my favorite strains of hop, and it is dry hopped.  So I cracked it open first and during the pour I got hit with the citrus/floral/piney hop aroma I love. The color is a hazy yellow/orange. You get hops from start to finish with this beer first in the aroma, then taste and that lingering bitterness that lets you know they are not skimping on the hops. It is what every IPA lover wants tons of citrus, floral and a nice alc. %.  As always I don’t give grades but here is the BA rating. I recommend it to hopheads, IPA lovers but not to beginners.

The Calico Brown comes in at 5.6% Alc/ Vol it poured a reddish brown color with a malty/semi-spice hop/vanilla aroma. The flavor was a nice toasted malt and finished with a light vanilla creamy flavor. I really liked the finish of this beer. They added some unique complexity to this style which was awesome to taste and try to pick out all the flavors coming through. BA Rating. I recommend it to anyone that likes browns, lots of flavor and it is safe for beginners.

Tenaya Creek is just a hair under 2000bbl per year as of now and I see them growing fast. Especially since they only have been distributing bottles for one year and are already in three states and Canada.  Be on the look out for their Old Jackalope Barley Wine and Imperial Stout this winter. I know I will be! You can find Tenaya Creek in Reno at Total Wine and Ben’s. Special thanks to Karl their GM for taking my call and giving me an interview!


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  1. I love Tenaya creek beer man. Only complaint is the brewery. Amber and I went and it fealt like any other Vegas bar. Although the bartender was awesome. He talked about each beer and let us sample all of them. Even let us sample other stuff on tap to compare to Tenaya. Vegas has a brewery and its Tenaya!!!!!!!!!!!

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