Labels: Try not to suck at them.


Beer Diary,

I have a confession I judge books by their cover and even worse beer.  Unless it has been recommended to me the label is where I start to make my selection at the beer fridge. I could be missing out?! Right? I know! I don’t like it but is it my fault? I put it on the brewery it is part of their image and like it or not that’s a big part of the battle of selling beer. I don’t want to drink out of a bottle that has art that looks like it has been made in MS paint.  For the same reason I don’t want to date chick with Ugg boots and orange skin. It is painful to look at.

Some breweries need to step their game up. Some of these breweries I like!! But if I haven’t tried your brewery yet, no one has recommended you and your labels suck I AIN’T BUYING. I was at Total Wine tonight buying beer and snapped some pictures of what I liked and didn’t like.

I will start with the ugly.  Breweries avoid having your labels look like clip art there is a difference between simple and clip art. This brewery topped it off with a bad font choice as well. Plus zero branding I don’t even know what brewery I am talking crap about! If your label looks like it was done by an amateur… scratch that 5th grader I am forced to assume your beer was done by a 5th grader.  Now the bad. Hawks are cool. Font is ok. But it is just blah I feel like they could of done a better job making the hawk more epic and axe the green.

Now the good. The Hop Box label is art. Catches the eye and pops out on the shelf in a good way. Firestone Walker I like because you always know who it is and plus the lion and bear are just classy as hell.

It gets worse and better then what is shown here so… What labels do you love? What labels do you hate? What brewery has the best/worst overall labels? Let me know your thoughts!


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