Hoppy Day Brew Day


To fully understand this post I suggest reading this old post.

Beer Diary,

This year marks the 3rd year of brewing beer for Happy Day and the 10th Anniversary  of Happy Day itself. We wanted to do something big and not pull any punches. Out came the idea for Hoppy Day Ale (IPA) it has 10 hop additions through out the brew process, 10 SRM (units to measure color) and a FG of 1.010. The other unique thing about this beer was that we added hops to every stage of the process so the sparge water, mash, boil, and fermentation all get hops added.
This brew went down on Friday and if I thought I couldn’t get more pumped to brew I remembered we got to try our new wort chiller out for the first time. It is the Shirron plate chiller and you can get your own for 100 bones from northernbrewer.com It isn’t the biggest and baddest chiller out there but it got the job done pretty much as quick as we pumped the beer so I was stoked with the performance.

The brew went pretty much without a hitch got a solid extraction from the grain and were able to squeeze in the 34 pounds of grain into our mash tun needed for this near 7% brew. We used generous amounts of magnum, cascade, and centennial hops. We also added 40L crystal, carapils and flaked barley to add sweetness and body. The yeast we used was American Ale by Wyeast.If you want to taste this brew you must come to Happy Day and you can get all the info you need at Happydaynv.com


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