Great Basin


Beer Diary,

Bad news is the girl I am dating caught on to me blogging about beer I drink on our dates, good news is she’s cool with it as long as I don’t post her picture and she gets to try the beers too. Done and done. We headed to Great Basin the Reno location to see what they had on tap. I had three OOO WOW’s out the five beers we tried, so other Reno breweries you are officially on notice Great Basin is setting the bar when it comes to local beer.

With that said I will go from my least favorite beer tried of the night to my most favorite. It was their Cerveza Chilebeso it was interesting it had the aroma and taste of pickled jalapenos it was intense in aroma and flavor. The cool thing about it was it wasn’t super hot where it might sit on your tongue and wreck your palate instead it was jalapeno flavor first then finished like a lager. I would order a sample first before you ordered a pint. But it is a fun beer to pass around, taste and talk about how the heck you think they got that flavor.

Next was their Altbier called Wild Horse Ale which is excellent it is extremely malty and full bodied. It was my dates favorite from the bunch. It was on the sweeter side than the other beers we ordered. Really it is a rock solid beer it has won some medals at the GABF. So have no fear when ordering up a pint of this beauty.

Ok now into the OOO WOW beers. The first two are tied for second, they are Hop-A-Saur fresh hop IPA and the Nevada Museum of Art 80th Anniversary Egyptian Ale. The Hop-A-Saur is a nice fix for a hophead like me. It packs at punch with heavy citrus aroma and a crisp cascade hop type bitterness. I will be for sure ordering a full pint next time I am in. I recommend it for Hopheads, Pale ale and IPA lovers you won’t be sorry. The Egyptian Ale I new it was a sour and I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. It is low carbonated, contains no hops but does have emmer a type of wheat used in ancient Egypt, coriander, juniper as well as barley. It has aroma a lot like fresh yeast and citrus, the taste starts with citrus like sour  and gets balanced with some sweetness thus it isn’t overwhelming it finishes clean with no real after taste. It is so complex and different I almost had to order another to try key in on all the different flavors. I recommend it to sour lovers and warn to order a sample before going for a pint.

Now for the papa beer the best of the night it was the Old Fitz Bourbon Stout. It comes only in 7oz snifters and is the best bourbon barrel aged beer I’ve ever had. Most of the time with bourbon beers you get a very harsh overwhelming bourbon flavor but this was well balanced with just a hint of bourbon. It was full of chocolate notes as well and then finished with a creamy vanilla flavor. I recommend it to stout lovers everywhere.I have yet to have a bad Great Basin beer they are cranking out some unique well done brews. To me they have the title of Reno’s best brewery. Not to say the other guys ain’t good I had nothing but high praise for Silver Peak in my past blog post and have yet to post on the rest of the breweries but Great Basin holds the top spot in my book. Let me know who you think is the best Reno.


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  1. We go to Great Basin frequently and my husband usually gets their beer. I don’t think he has tried any of the ones you reviewed here but I’ll have to pass along your recommendations.

    Also, if you aren’t already following them on Twitter you should be. @gbbco

    • Thanks so much for reading! Ask your hubby what styles of beer he likes and I would be happy to recommend some brands outside great basin as well. Gbbco and I have connected on twitter a couple times, they are the best brewery at twitter always thank me for RT’s and they have putting my name on their follow Friday tweets. So I am big fan of that and their brews. Cheers!

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