Pumpkin Ale and Cliff Hangers.


It is Pumpkin ale season and my sister works at Trader Joe’s.  I was teaching her how to use twitter and she all of a sudden got excited, “O O everyone is freaking out at work because we have the Pumpkin Beer in and you can only get it this time of year you should try it!” I thought yes I should! Haha so on the way home I dropped by the ole TJ’s and picked up a six pack. It was only 5.99 so not bad on the price.

The big name on the label is KBC but it is brewed by Federal  Jack’s Brew Pub. The beer has a nice orange color which I liked but it was lacking in head for my taste. It has a very sweet spice aroma and the same on taste. It is very light and easy to drink. For me it was too sweet and lacking in mouth feel. I don’t like to do ratings I decided but here is the Beer advocate rating.  It’s cheap and could be a fun six pack to bring to a Halloween party.

This year my buddy Andy and I are going to give another go at a beer in the same vein as a pumpkin ale but not a pumpkin ale. It is top secret right now but I will be sure to let you guys know if it turns out if Andy wants to unveil it to the beer world. Boom. Cliffhanger. Stay tuned.


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