Greek & Seasonals at Silver Peak


Beer Diary,

The other night I was on what can only be described as a hot date I decided to take this little lady to a new spot in Reno called CommRow to check out their greek restaurant Lemoni we both got gyro’s which were tasty but the best part had to be the fries. They were covered in spices, mixed with grilled onions and had lemon juice squeezed on them. BEST FRIES EVER.  CommRow is a fun spot that offers a lot of options so I encourage you to check it out.

We decided to head to Silver Peak Brewery to have some drinks and me being the sneaky guy I am knew they probably had some new seasonal beers I could blog about. Cheers to efficiency but hey when you work and go to college full time you gotta do what ya gotta do. Anyway back to the beer. First I had their Flynn’s Wet Hop  (that is a link to their beer profiles) ale which was tasty. It had earthy tones and a healthy head. I would recommend it to a friend that is into that short of thing. I stole a sip of my lady friend’s beer as well, she was having an Apricot Wheat which was done very well. It wasn’t too sweet but wasn’t super wine like in taste it had the balance I like when drinking a fruit beer. They used a puree and that is what I recommend in my Post Fruit Beer. I would recommend it to a friend that is into that short of thing.

   Left Wet Hop Right Apricot Wheat

 Next round, yup she was still hanging out with me. I got their Battle Born Beer which is a lager. It is a solid lager, nice malt flavor with plenty of mouth feel. I would recommend it to a friend that wants to toss back a few. I talked my date into the porter, (light to dark boom I do as I say) which is really good. Sometimes with a porter you get something that taste like watered down coffee but they delivered with a full beer and a nice coffee finish. I would recommend to anyone that likes a good porter.

 Left Battle Born Right Porter

In the end it was good night and I didn’t blow it with the girl! Sushi date tonight at Hiroba.  Sake blog? You bet your ass well if they have some that sound good, I’ll keep you posted.


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