How to get your old lady to drink beer.


Beer Diary,

It’s Sunday the fellas are over and your buddy comes back from the fridge asking why you have so much Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice. Your friends know perfectly well they aren’t yours but that doesn’t stop them from giving you crap about it. Plus it just doesn’t feel right putting away your high quality ten dollar a six pack beer away next to her sugar loaded alcohol sodas. If you want to put an end to this shameful waste of space in your fridge keep reading. If not quietly go to your wife or girlfriends purse and get your… never mind it is too late for you anyway.

Well your still here and you maybe thinking this is gonna lead to a fight and I am not sure if this is the hill I want to die on. Don’t worry your honey bunny will not be mad in fact she will thank you.  You just need to know where to start and ease them into the world of good beer. Your girlfriend might always say “I don’t like beer” this most likely means she doesn’t like Bud, Coors or some idiot once offered her an IPA assuring her it is a good beer. Which it is but she just wasn’t ready for that yet. Whenever someone tells me they don’t like beer I tell them they do they just don’t know it yet.  There are thousands of different kinds of beers out there I am there is even bacon beer! So I am sure there is at least one your girlfriend will like.

Where to start, your best bet is to start light but with flavor I recommend some sort of wheat beer, Blue Moon is a wheat beer that you can find anywhere. It is made by Coors and it is usually served with an orange. So it is citrusy and sweet. Widmer Brothers hefeweizen, Pyramid hefeweizen , and Lost Coast’s Tangerine Wheat are all good starting places.

My highest recommendation for beginner beer drinkers is  Anderson Valley Summer Solstice it has 4 IBU’s so that means it is very sweet. It also has vanilla tones that make it taste like a thick cream soda. It is one of my favorite beers of all time.  The idea is just to get her to taste these and not force the issue. In the hope that she finds one that she loves.

Lets pretend she loved one of those beers but you want go farther to capitalize on how she is now more open to beer.  The plan is to go dark. Yup dark. Dark beers taste like coffee or chocolate and odds our your lady likes coffee or chocolate.  The trick is to make sure coffee or chocolate is in the name of the beer you are having them try. Enter Rogues Chocolate Stout. It is like a milkshake but better it has booze in it. (Side note: if a bar has this on draft make have the bar tender make a car bomb with it. LIFE CHANGING) If your lil mama loves coffee Kona does a Coffee porter that is available almost everywhere. It is made with real Kona coffee and it is tasty I usually pick some up every year when it comes out.

Going from here be careful avoid Sour’s, Pale Ales, Imperial‘s, double’s and IPA’s.  Look for Red’s, Ambers, Wheat, and flavored beers.   Recap and final tips: Ease her into it offer sips not whole beers, start light then skip the middle and go dark, seek flavors you know she likes, and if she doesn’t like a beer you do don’t get butt hurt about it be happy she is drinking beer.  I wish you all the best on your mission to spread the enjoyment of beer and good luck!


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  1. This is actually very accurate information… I used to think I didn’t like beer, but then I realized that what I really dislike is cheap beer like Bud and Coors, and dark beers like pale ales. The beers that you mentioned – Blue Moon, Pyramid, Widmer, and Lost Coast Tangerine – are definitely some of my favorites… can’t forget the Framboise though!

    • Good to hear I am on the right track. Framboise I left off because I am on the fence about calling it beer but if you are feeling adventurous try mixing a stout with Framboise or a Cider. I know a lot of ladies that love it. Thanks for reading!

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