It’s the most wonderful time of the year…


Beer Diary,
Today was October 1st, this means football, Halloween parties,  Nevada day and beer.  Football, beer and Nevada day are in a three way tie for importance.  What I am trying to say is this is a magical time of the year and I am filled to the brim with excitement.  This post is about what is coming up and why it is so exciting.

First thing to be excited about is gearing up for a November event called Happy Day. This ain’t your little sisters pub crawl this is a start at 8 AM and go into the night marathon where people fall like exhausted runners that have lost all muscle control. They idea is that every bar you go to has its happy hour when you are there thus you have a happy day not just a happy hour.  It is the day after Thanksgiving and it starts at Wonder bar in Reno. This year will be my brothers and I third year making a batch of beer just for Happy Day. This year my brother Jeff came up with making an IPA where we add hops in every stage of the brew, meaning we will add hops to  the sparge, mash, boil, dry hop and a hop filter when kegging.  It will be named Hoppy Day Ale and I can’t wait to brew it. If you have not been to a Happy Day click the link, check it out and join us!

Second thing to be excited about is football, mmm fantasy leagues, watching my nephew play Pop Warner, beating UNLV and cracking skulls and eating souls in UNR flag football. It is bliss, NUFF SAID.

Third thing is Halloween you get tons of parties filled with girls in scraps of cloth called “costumes”.  I also get to raid my nieces trick or treat bags for candy but the best thing about Halloween is that it means the fourth thing is upon us.

NEVADA DAY.  I live in Carson City the capitol of this great state and it is the place to be on this special day. You get to check out a sweet parade and then spend the day drinking with your buddies that all came in from out of town.  Last year marked the start of a tradition of brewing a Nevada Day Beer. It is a porter and the goal is to one day brew it with all Nevada grown ingredients.  This is by the far the single best beer I have been a part of brewing  both in the fun of  brewing and the taste. It is the brain child of my friend Andy, Jeff (my brother) and me.  During actual brew day itself  I arrived a little late and I walked into a party in my garage/ brewery.  I will not go into details of the fun that went down that drunkin day but there was corn hole, shit talking , drinking and brewing.  In the end there came a special brew and we think a big part of that was a start of another tradition that day.

Remember I said there was shit talking well one fine lady in attendance that day didn’t want the negative energy from all the talking crap to effect the beer. She had read an article about some scientist that studied the ice crystals water would make when they projected some water with positive messages and some negative messages. Positive messages caused the crystals to be pretty and balanced in shape. Negative messages the crystals would be unbalanced and not so pretty.  She suggested we all sign the bucket we ferment in with messages of love to assure a positive energy went to the beer. We are not sure of the science behind this but from then on we have signed every batch of beer with new messages of love.  (See below)

I can’t wait for another season of these gatherings and you can bet I will be sharing them here!


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