Beer Diary,
Last night was ROCK IN the Square in Carson City and my brother and I decided to check it out. We ate at Sassafras the new hot restaurant in Carson, if you haven’t checked it out yet you should! I had one of the specials smoked chicken and home made mac and cheese that was quite excellent. The chicken was tender and rich in smoky goodness. One of my favorite local bands played called The Whitney Myer Band. They killed it! Carson City was out in full force while they played into the night . All in all it was good way to say goodbye to summer.

I promised a review last night and the new beer they had was a pineapple wheat by Knee Deep Brewing. I was stoked to try it, Knee Deep has been pumping out some great beers. But it turned out to be a let down. I was bummed because I promise I am not a beer snob that only likes to trash talk beers but I have to trash talk a beer. The main problem with the beer was it didn’t taste like beer or pineapple. It had the smell and taste that was closer to watered down champagne rather than wheat beer. So no real need to go into more detail it just wasn’t a winner in my book but my next post I will give my take on what could of went wrong and what I would do different. Also don’t let this turn you off from trying out other Knee Deep beers their IPA, Red and Porter are all quite excellent. I was just checking out their website and it looks likes they are expanding their line up so if I come across them in a bar or stores I will be sure to write a review.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. You bring up an interesting point Andy, much like books sometimes beers get judged by their cover. What breweries do you think are doing their job right when it comes to labels? Have you seen any of the major micro breweries drop the ball when it comes to a label lately?

    • 21st amendment is on top of it. I love their labels and they use cans for all their beers. Ill get back to you on what I think are bad labels and good ones.

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