My full name is Douglas Paul Young Jr. but I go by Paul. I started this blog to share my knowledge of brewing as well as give my take and have conversations on industry news then I thought what kind of beer lover would I be if I didn’t do beer reviews too. So I will be doing them also!

I fell in love with brewing beer four years ago and from there my brother and I grew our beer system. Below is a picture of our set up. I returned to school at the University of Nevada- Reno to gain the business knowledge to start a brewery. In doing so I found the Entrepreneurship minor which led me to enter the Governor’s Cup Business plan competition. I entered a plan for a craft brewery called Lady Luck Brewery and was a finalist in the competition. Though I didn’t win I gained a wealth of knowledge in the process and I look forward to entering again in 2012.

This is my first post so I just wanted to introduce myself. Tonight is a block party in my town of Carson City so I will be back tomorrow with a round up of the night and a beer review.


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